Together, we have the ability to make our community one in that no one remains homeless and all adults with a disability are able to live independently. Contact you local, state and federal representative to ask what they are doing to help our most vulnerable neighbors.

Ability Housing actively participates in advocating for policy change, through effective advocacy, policy makers can be educated as to the efficacy of providing affordable housing.

cost of affordable housing

The cost of affordable housing: Does it pencil out?

There is not enough affordable housing in the United States. For every 100 extremely low income households, there are only 29 adequate, affordable, and available rental units. That means two parents who both work minimum-wage jobs might wait years to find a safe, affordable place to live with their two kids. With such high demand, why aren’t developers racing to build affordable apartments?


An interactive online tool that illustrates how charging rents affordable to low-income families makes it difficult to finance affordable housing without subsidy.

Explore the tool here.