CASA is Ability Housing’s first development, consisting of 22 homes scattered throughout Duval County. CASA provides quality, affordable housing for adults with a disability; it is called CASA because each home is Convenient, Affordable, Safe, and Accessible.

CASA was designed for adults with developmental disabilities who wish to live independently in the community. Each house is rented to two or three roommates. This innovative housing model was designated as a State Demonstration Project by the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. According to annual surveys of CASA residents, 100% of respondents rate their housing as “good” or “excellent.”

Resident Story


Kenny has lived in one of Ability Housing’s CASA homes for 15 years. He loves having a home of his own. Laura, Kenny’s sister, tell us, “I never would have dreamed when Kenny and I were growing up that he would have the opportunity to live in a house of his own. I always expected that he would either live with family or in a group home. Thank you for continuing to provide housing and subsidies for those with disabilities. Although Kenny has lived in both of these situations before, living in his own home has been much better for him. Having his own home has been the best place for him.”