Diversity Equity and Inclusion

Diversity is the presence of differences that may include race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ethnicity, nationality, socioeconomic status, language, (dis)ability, age, religious commitment, or political perspective.

Equity is promoting justice, impartiality and fairness within the procedures, processes, and distribution of resources by institutions or systems for populations that have been, and remain, underrepresented and marginalized. Tackling equity issues requires an understanding of the root causes of outcome disparities in our society.

Inclusion is an outcome to ensure everyone is welcomed and diverse individuals can participate fully in the decision-making processes and development opportunities within an organization or group.  Inclusion outcomes are met when you, your organization, and your program are truly inviting to all.

Ability Housing defines a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace as one where all employees and board members are and feel valued and respected.

We strive to create a workplace that celebrates multiple approaches and points of view, where there is a deep sense of pride, passion and belonging that transcends any role. A workplace that reflects the communities we serve and where everyone feels empowered to bring their full authentic selves to work.