End Homelessness

Ability Housing’s vision is a society where housing is a right, not a privilege; and all individuals have safe, affordable housing in vibrant communities. Our mission is to build strong communities where everyone has a home. To fulfill this mission we develop and operate quality rental housing affordable to persons with extremely limited incomes; focusing on the needs of persons experiencing and at risk of homelessness and adults with a disability. Ability Housing partners with area service organizations so our residents have the supports they require to ensure housing stability and increase their independent living skills.

Who are the homeless?

For many reasons it is difficult to fully account for the actual number of homeless in our community. Many sleep in their cars, in the woods, or other hard-to-locate areas. The difficulty in accurately counting the homeless is compounded by the fact that the numbers do not include those living with others due to economic need or in motels due to lack of adequate housing.

Ability Housing supports and implements research-based best practices, including:

  • Permanent Supportive Housing: The linkage of affordable housing with voluntary, person-centered support services is the national best practice for helping chronically homeless individuals and families permanently exit homelessness. This approach also enables adults with a disability to live independently.
  • Housing First: Provides safe, affordable and stable housing is our first priority; we then focus on offering community-based support services to help our residents maintain their housing and increase their self-sufficiency.
  • Resident Enrichment: We partner with other community organizations to provide educational and supportive services, which enhance our residents' quality of life and reduce their risk of returning to homelessness.

Impact on Community

Homelessness impact everyone. It decreases the community's quality of life; increases education, healthcare and criminal justice expenses; and, most importantly, puts our homeless neighbors at grave risk of an early death.

The focus of each of Ability's Housing's program is to provide high quality, affordable housing which positively impacts each resident, the neighborhood and the broader community. The output of Ability Housing's efforts is housing units; the outcome is an improved quality of life for our residents and the community.

The only way to end homelessness is to provide people with a permanent place to live.

Ability Housing Residents
Moving Day at Ability Housing