Our History

When Ability Housing opened its doors in 1992 as a group home for adults with cognitive disabilities, no one could have imagined the growth the organization would experience or the number of people we would be able to help.

After becoming a leading provider of independent living, we began developing affordable housing; transforming into an organization dedicated solely to creating affordable housing options. After 15 years of serving adults with a disability, Ability Housing broadened our mission focus. In 2006, at the request of the Northeast Florida Homeless Coalition, Ability Housing began developing multifamily rental housing, serving low-income households, adults with a disability and those exiting homelessness. We became an industry leader in the provision of affordable and supportive housing. Due to our successes, in 2015 Ability Housing responded to the request of the local Commission on Homelessness and expanded operations to serve the Central Florida area.

Today, Ability Housing is a nationally recognized industry leader and one of very few nonprofits capable of developing high quality affordable, community-inclusive rental housing in Florida. We are further recognized for our on-site support services designed to meet the needs of households who are low income, disabled, and/or homeless.