Lake Forest Elementary School – Coming Soon


Ability Housing plans to transform the vacant Lake Forest Elementary School, located at 901 Kennard Street, into a thriving community asset. Redeveloping the Lake Forest Elementary property into an apartment community will provide a transformational buffer between Edgewood Avenue’s commercial corridor and nearby houses within the neighborhood. With Ability Housing’s expertise as a nonprofit developer, the organization can provide community-focused amenities beyond what a traditional developer would typically offer – including space for an early learning center to serve families across the Lake forest Community. 

As it does at all of its properties, Ability Housing will partner with community organizations to provide onsite resident programming and services at the Lake Forest Elementary School redevelopment — which could range from youth activities and job development, to budgeting and credit counselling so residents can prepare for potential homeownership. Ability Housing routinely makes these programs available to community members, as well.  

Lake Forest Render