Mike & Diane’s Story

Mike-Dianes-StoryMike and Diane, a homeless husband and wife, were living underneath a bridge when 100 Homes Jacksonville first met them during Registry Week in November 2011. The couple called an alcove between the bridge columns home for 8 months until being discovered and displaced. Mike and Diane know how hard it is for a couple to stay committed to each other. Most shelters do not accept couples and because they do not have children they are treated as a single man and a single woman. Mike and Diane spent most of their time sleeping outdoors as a result of these challenges.

They now have a safe place to live. Ability Housing is administering the 100 Homes initiative which is working to get veterans like Mike, who served in the U.S. Navy, a permanent supportive place to live. Mike and Diane are under the care of a case manager who will ensure they receive the services necessary to be successfully.