Our Impact

Our mission is to build strong communities where everyone has a home. We develop and operate quality multi-family rental housing. Our partnerships ensure residents have the support they require to maintain their housing and increase their self-sufficiency.

The focus of Ability Housing’s work is to improve the quality of life of our residents and the communities in which they live. Ability Housing provides more than affordable housing, Ability Housing ends homelessness for families in crises; improves residents’ self-sufficiency and independent living skills; and provides cost saving and improved outcomes for publicly funded systems. Our success shines through our 96% Housing Stability Rate across our entire portfolio.

Ability Housing is blazing new paths: creating hope and opportunity. Guided by a strategic, disciplined approach, we provide measurable results in our stewardship of community resources. Ability Housing uses data and evidence-based practices to create effective and lasting results. We are as much efficient, innovative, and growth-minded, as we are compassionate, caring and driven to be a force for good.

In 2019, we were able to provide housing to 1219 people – 726 adults and 493 children. Additionally, 31% of the people we housed are also living with a disability. Our housing stability rate is also well above the national average, with 96% of our residents maintaining stable housing for more than a year. 

60% adults 31% people with disability 40% children

You can read more about our impact in our annual Report to the Community