Ability By The Numbers

We count housing units, but we measure success by the outcomes of our residents

The service we provide has many names: workforce housing, affordable housing, attainable housing, and sometimes, permanent supportive housing.

In 2022, the result was 1,829 individuals with a place to call home.

The Benefits of Permanent Supportive Housing

Rooted in solid evidence, Permanent Supportive Housing blends affordable housing with personalized community-based services, fostering stable living. Ability Housing was proud to participate in a state pilot project, funded through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation, to demonstrate the effectiveness of Permanent Supportive Housing to high utilizers of crisis services. Participants were experiencing homelessness with chronic health conditions and frequently cycled through costly publicly funded systems of care – emergency rooms, shelters, criminal justice, and psychiatric facilities.

The pilot project compared the costs incurred during the two years before participants moved into housing with the costs in the two years following housing placement. The outcomes were staggering – Permanent Supportive Housing resulted in a 30% savings to the community.

Supporting our Community for over 30 years.

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Our Awards

Our unwavering commitment to building flourishing communities where everyone has a home is grounded in what we value – safe affordable housing. Click here to view recent awards and accomplishments recognized by our community.

YOUR Support Matters

"It means having my independence back and a sense of pride, again! All while living in a safe environment and community. The impact it has had in my life is truly immeasurable!"