Partner With Us

Community is built on a collection of individuals who rise together to create opportunity for growth, health and happiness. At the core of a community is home: but unfortunately, home is out of reach for many. People and communities pay a price when this happens, and the cost spans entire systems. Our mission is to build strong communities where everyone has a home. Ability Housing develops and provides high quality affordable housing to families, seniors, veterans, individuals, and adults with a disability. Our community partnerships ensure residents have the support they require to maintain their housing and increase their self-sufficiency.

It is a time of remarkable potential for Ability Housing – and with your partnership, we aspire to create a positive impact in every community we serve. Together we can help more people attain their dream of a safe, affordable home; improving access to health, education and employment. Our commitment is clear, but we need your help to create sustained transformations so home becomes a reality for everyone.

We also provide supportive housing — the evidence-based practice linking affordable housing with individualized, voluntary supports; a proven solution for ending chronic homelessness. It helps people who face the most complex challenges live with stability, autonomy and dignity.

Together, our ability to change lives and communities is remarkable. Ability Housing is creating a positive impact in community development, improving access to education, helping more people who want to contribute get that opportunity.

We invite you to embrace the challenge and invest with us as we forge new paths toward building strong communities where everyone has a home.

Partner with us to make a change

Ways to Give

Together, our ability to change lives and communities is remarkable. Our commitment is clear and defined, but we need your help to create and sustain transformation so home can become a reality for everyone. There are many ways you can invest in Ability Housing and our mission: 
  • Donations
  • Grants, from corporations and foundations
  • Social investments and patient capital, either project specific or enterprise level
  • In-kind contributions
  • Endowments
  • Donation of land/buildings
  • Utilize real estate holdings to support creations of affordable housing

Resident Services

All of our properties and programs include wrap-around support services designed to improve quality of life for our residents. Through partnerships with community organizations, we provide essential services that follow industry best practices to create healthy, vibrant, safe communities for our residents. 

Housing Development

Ability Housing is one of the few nonprofits in Florida that is developing affordable housing. We work with local governments and other organizations to create housing developments that lift the whole neighborhood around them and fit with the overall community development plans for the area.

Corporate and Foundation Donors

We partner with many corporations and foundations with a shared belief that access to affordable housing is a right – not a privilege. The support of these donors is essential to furthering our mission.