Our Portfolio

Mayfair Village Apartments

Mayfair Village was an existing, highly distressed property. Ability Housing invested millions of dollars, returning the property to quality housing while increasing surrounding property values.

Renaissance Village Apartments

When Ability Housing acquired it, Renaissance Village was a boarded and abandoned rental property. We renovated housing that had resembled military barracks into a property which transformed the community in which it was located.

Oakland Terrace

When acquired, Oakland Terrace was a 42-year old building requiring a substantial rehabilitation. Now, the high-quality and affordable apartments are providing safe, stable homes to low-income individuals and families.

Village on Wiley

Village on Wiley is a new construction 43-unit property. Located in a neighborhood comprised primarily of single-family homes, the property was designed to resemble a single-family housing sub-division.

Village on Mercy

Village on Mercy is a new construction 166-unit project designed to complement and improve the aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood. Village on Mercy is a prime example of how Ability Housing transforms areas of blight into community assets.

Village at Hyde Park

Village on Hyde Park is a new construction project. The three-story garden apartment building provides affordable housing to low-income individuals and families with a beautiful outdoor recreation area and access to on-site supportive services.  

Wayne Densch Center

Wayne Densch Center previously operated as a transitional housing program and is currently being converted into apartments. The multi-family site will provide high quality, service-enriched affordable and supportive housing; with a focus on serving formerly homeless individuals and families. 

Dozier Apartments

Dozier Apartments is a two-story apartment building providing affordable housing to low-income individuals and families located in Springfield and just minutes from downtown.

Gannet Pointe

Gannet Pointe is a new construction project and joint venture with Birdsong Housing Partners.  The beautiful two building property provides affordable housing to low-income individuals and families and access to on-site supportive services.


CASA is Ability Housing’s first development, consisting of 22 homes scattered throughout Duval County. CASA provides quality, affordable housing for adults with a disability; it is called CASA because each home is Convenient, Affordable, Safe, and Accessible.