Our Portfolio

Mayfair Village Apartments

Mayfair Village is Ability Housing’s first multifamily development. This was an extremely
distressed property that suffered from high crime rates. It serves low-income and formerly
homeless individuals and families, and provides voluntary resources to all residents.

Renaissance Village Apartments

When Ability Housing acquired it, Renaissance Village was a boarded and abandoned rental property. We renovated housing that had resembled military barracks into a property which transformed the community in which it was located.

Oakland Terrace

When acquired, Oakland Terrace was a 42-year old building requiring a substantial rehabilitation. Now, the high-quality and affordable apartments are providing safe, stable homes to low-income individuals and families.

Village on Wiley

Village on Wiley is a new construction 43-unit property. Located in a neighborhood comprised primarily of single-family homes, the property was designed to resemble a single-family housing sub-division.

Village on Mercy

Village on Mercy is a new construction 166-unit project designed to complement and improve the aesthetic of the surrounding neighborhood. Village on Mercy is a prime example of how Ability Housing transforms areas of blight into community assets.

Village at Hyde Park

Village on Hyde Park is a new construction project. The three-story garden apartment building provides affordable housing to low-income individuals and families with a beautiful outdoor recreation area and access to on-site supportive services.  

Wayne Densch

Wayne Densch  previously operated as a transitional housing program and is currently being converted into apartments. The multi-family site will provide high quality, service-enriched affordable and supportive housing; with a focus on serving formerly homeless individuals and families.

Dozier Apartments

Dozier Apartments is a two-story apartment building providing affordable housing to low-income individuals and families located in Springfield and just minutes from downtown.

Gannet Pointe

Gannet Pointe is a new construction project and joint venture with Birdsong Housing Partners.  The beautiful two building property provides affordable housing to low-income individuals and families and access to on-site supportive services.


CASA is Ability Housing’s first development, consisting of 22 homes scattered throughout Duval County. CASA provides quality, affordable housing for adults with a disability; it is called CASA because each home is Convenient, Affordable, Safe, and Accessible.

Lake Forest Render

Lake Forest Elementary School - Coming Soon

Shuttered in 2019, Lake Forest Elementary now sits as an unused and unoccupied property within Jacksonville’s Lake Forest neighborhood. Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) approved a proposal from Ability Housing to redevelop the property into a garden-style apartment community with up to 180 units, including a combination of market-rate and affordable rental units for working families; 25% of the units will be reserved for DCPS personnel. With Ability Housing’s expertise as a nonprofit developer, the organization can provide community-focused amenities beyond what a traditional developer would typically offer — including space for an early learning center to serve families across the Lake Forest community.