Resident Services

Our partnerships with area service organizations ensure residents have the support they require to maintain their housing and increase their independent living skills and overall quality of life. Ability Housing has case managers onsite at each property responsible for implementing a robust program to address client issues. Through active listening and surveys, we identify the top priorities for our residents. We work with our community partners for education and service delivery.

Health and Wellness

Housing is a major factor in personal health. In addition to providing safe and clean housing, our residents also have access to crucial medical and behavioral treatment and education programs and resources.

Financial Literacy

Increasing our resident’s financial stability is a key element of our programming goals to improve their overall quality of life and life skills.

Employment Readiness

In addition to general educational and financial resources, our residents have access to employment services including job training, resume writing, job interviewing skills, employment search and other supports for employment.

Housing Stability

Without a home, learning and education is muted, basic health needs take a back seat to raw survival, performance and pride are depleted, growth is virtually eliminated, and opportunity disappears. Maintaining stable housing for extended periods of time can help equalize some of these challenges for individuals and families.

Community Involvement

Our properties also include playgrounds and clubhouses for residents to spend time creating a vibrant community life.

Impact on Our Residents

We have specific and measurable goals that we track for each program that helps us to evaluate what programs and services are having the greatest impact for residents and the community. Tracking factors such as housing stability, changes in income and changes in access to health insurance is just a few of the ways we determine our success in improving residents’ lives.

Supportive housing has powerful impacts on individuals and communities. Read more about supportive housing here

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