The Solution That Saves

The Solution That Saves is part of an innovative state pilot to determine the cost benefits of providing Permanent Supportive Housing to high utilizers of crisis services. “High-utilizers” refers to persons experiencing homelessness who have chronic health conditions and frequently cycle through costly publicly funded systems of care. These systems include emergency rooms, shelters, criminal justice, and psychiatric facilities.

Ability Housing was the recipient of a special appropriation of funding through the Florida Housing Finance Corporation to fund one of three pilot sites to demonstrate the effectiveness of providing PSH to high utilizers of crisis services who are experiencing housing instability. The pilot sites are located in Duval, Miami-Dade and Pinellas Counties.

A supportive housing work-group was convened, comprised of representatives from The Agency for Health Care Administration, Department of Children and Families, Department of Elder Affairs, Department of Health, Department of Veterans Affairs, and Florida Housing. These work-group members evaluated the pilot proposals and agreed to assist Florida Housing and each pilot site with addressing respective issues regarding the implementation of the pilot and cost-benefit study and/or evaluation.

The Solution That Saves

  • One of three pilot sites
  • Assesses impacts to publicly funded systems of care, comparing pre- and post-housing utilization and costs
  • Assesses impacts on pilot participants’ health and quality of life
  • Jacksonville pilot had 92 participants – 43 units of housing were provided at Village on Wiley, 49 units of housing were provided at other apartment properties scattered throughout our community that are owned or leased by Ability Housing. 68 participants completed the pilot.
  • Participants identified by multiple organizations – including healthcare, criminal justice, and emergency service providers – as homeless or unstably housed high utilizers of crisis services
  • Selection criteria, methodology and evaluation team approved by state agencies
  • Evaluation conducted by Health -Tech Consultants, Inc. and Institutional Review Board approved through Jacksonville University
Average Income increase 66%, On average participants experienced a $244 increase in month income after moving into housing
Health Insurance Participation Increase 56%, Prior to housing, 36 participants were insured. After housing, 54 participants we’re insured

More details on this program and the results are available here