Donating to Ability Housing Helps Build Strong Communities:

One of the biggest problems facing moderate to low-income families is the lack of housing they can afford. A minimum-wage worker today cannot afford to rent a one-bedroom apartment anywhere in Florida. Workforce housing can also be difficult to come by as many firefighters, police, teachers, and other professionals in urban areas face increasing rents and decreasing supply.

By investing in addressing the growing housing needs of moderate to low-income families, you are improving the health of the community and offering the hope of opportunity.

Ability Housing’s purpose is to keep rents affordable, while also investing in each property. This is an investment in the communities and the residents who live there. We create housing that enhances or improves its neighborhood, remains high quality, and maintains mission-focus to serve the community. As an experienced multi-family developer, Ability Housing makes a long-term investment in each of the communities we develop.

Father and Son

Together, our ability to change lives and communities is remarkable. Ability Housing is creating a positive impact in the community, improving educational and health outcomes, and helping more people achieve their potential. Our commitment is clear and defined, but we need your help to create and sustain transformation so home can become a reality for everyone.

We partner with corporations, foundations, and state and federal agencies to ensure our projects and programs continue to make a difference in the community and the lives of those in need. All donations to Ability Housing are tax-deductible.

There Are Many Ways You Can Help:

Ways to Invest

  • Donations
  • Grants, from corporations and foundations
  • Social investments and patient capital, either project specific or enterprise level
  • In-kind contributions
  • Endowments
  • Donation of land/buildings
  • Utilize reals estate holdings to support creations of affordable housing

Donate Online

Make an individual, one-time charitable donation by completing our simple and secure online donation form. You can also select to make your gift monthly or annually recurring in this form.

Donate by Mail

To give by mail, send a check to:
Ability Housing
3740 Beach Blvd
Suite 304
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Donate by Donor Advised Fund

Workplace Giving

Workplace giving enables federal, state and private sector employees to support Ability Housing through employer-provided giving programs. These programs allow individuals to donate to a charity through payroll deductions on a weekly, monthly or bimonthly basis. These charitable contributions to Ability Housing are considered tax-deductible gifts.

You should check with your Human Resources department to find details about your company’s Workplace Giving Program. If your company does not have a program or if Ability Housing is not one of the listed charities, please contact us via e-mail at and we can help work through the situation.

How Your Donation is Used

At Ability Housing we are guided by a strategic, disciplined approach; we provide measurable and quantifiable results in our stewardship of dollars and resources. To that end, 93% of funds raised go directly to supporting our programs and residents.

93% Programs, 4% Administration, 3% Fundraising