We need your voice

Please attend the committee and commission meetings and use the public comment time to speak on behalf of Ability Housing.

  • May 16 – LUZ Committee @ City Hall – 1st Floor – 5:30pm
  • May 17 – Finance Committee @ City Hall –  1st Floor – 9:00am
  • May 23 – Council Public Hearing and Vote – Council Chamber

Please also contact your council member (or any council members) by email or phone, you can even schedule a meeting.

DistrictCouncil MemberCommittee AssignmentsCouncil PhoneCouncil Email Address
1Joyce Morgon (DEM)LUZ, NCIS630-1389joycemorgan@coj.net
2Al Ferraro (REP)LUZ630-1392ferraro@coj.net
3Aaron Bowman (REP)Finance630-1386abowman@coj.net
4Scott Wilson (REP)NCIS630-1394swilson@coj.net
5Lori N. Boyer (REP) President630-1382lboyer@coj.net
6Matt Schellenberg (REP)Finance (Vice Chair), LUZ630-1388matts@coj.net
7Reggie Gaffney (DEM)LUZ630-1384rgaffney@coj.net
8Katrina Brown (DEM)Finance630-1385kbrown@coj.net
9Garrett Dennis (DEM)NCIS630-1395garretd@coj.net
10Reginals L. Brown (DEM)NCIS (Vice Chair)630-1684rbrown@coj.net
11Danny Becton (REP)LUZ (Chair)630-1383dbecton@coj.net
12Doyle Carter (REP)LUZ, NCIS630-1380doylec@coj.net
13Bill Gulliford (REP)Finance, NCIS630-1397gilliford@coj.net
14Jim Love (REP)LUZ (Vice Chair)630-1390jimlove@coj.net
AL 1Anna Lopez Brosche (REP)Finance (Chair)630-1393abrosche@coj.net
AL 2John R. Crescimbeni (DEM), Vice President630-1381jrc@coj.net
AL 3Tommy Hazouri (DEM)630-1396thazouri@coj.net
AL 4Greg Anderson (REP)Finance630-1398ganderson@coj.net
AL 5Samuel C Newby (REP)Finance630-1387 snewby@coj.net