What We Do

Ability Housing is a Florida nonprofit that develops housing, setting a standard of excellence in the field of affordable and supportive housing.  We focus on meeting the needs of persons experiencing or at risk of homelessness and adults with a disability. Our housing is linked with wrap-around services so all residents have a network of support. we are good neighbors that strengthen neighborhoods and improve the communities' quality of life. 

Housing is the foundation of our lives. It is where we live, raise our children, rest after a hard day's work, recuperate when we are sick and store our belongings. Ability Housing mission is to build strong communities where everyone has a home.


We build quality housing and transform sources of blight and disrepair into community assets.

Strong Communities

We strengthen communities by ensuring residents have wrap-around services to help each achieve their potential.


We help some of our most vulnerable neighbors - families and individuals who have a disability, are experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness - so they can grow as contributing members of our community.


We provide quality housing because everyone should have a place to sleep, eat and raise their family.

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two children sitting on steps eating popsicle